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BitcoinGuide.com       Binance.US halts trading for dozens of USDT, BTC, BUSD pairs amid SEC lawsuit       Bullish engulfing candle: Price statistics for Bitcoin       Bitcoin gains against backdrop of weak crypto sentiment (Cryptocurrency:BTC-USD)       Bitcoin (Somewhat) Takes Binance Accusations in Stride       Huge rule changes to help protect Brits from losing millions in cryptocurrency       Yellen ‘Very Supportive’ of SEC, CFTC Crypto Enforcement       Crypto heavy hitters largely back FASB fair-value fix       US-Börsenaufsicht verklagt auch Coinbase       Mint Square NFT Marketplace to Discontinue Trading Services By June’s End       GameStop Fires CEO Who Oversaw Retailer’s NFT Push       Netizens complain about the limited edition LaMelo Ball NFT MB.03 “Guttermelo” sneakers       Bitcoin Investors Get Robust Returns In May       Bitcoin Live News: BTC Price Defies Market Turmoil, Poised To Hit $35k Soon       Binance says US users’ crypto is safe after SEC files to freeze the exchange’s assets       Kardashian Crypto Hype Lawsuit Advances Over Alleged False Ads       Bitcoin, Dogecoin Lead Bounce in Crypto Majors Day After Record 8-Month Liquidations       The SEC Says These Crypto Assets Are Securities: Their Reasoning Is Wrong       $2.2 billion of Binance customer assets at significant risk, SEC says       Crypto Tokens’ Status as Securities or Commodities Is Key to SEC’s Binance, Coinbase Suits       Crypto ownership doubles in UK before new rules kick in       Cardano price signals accumulation as ADA crashes by nearly 10% in 24 hours       How Bitcoin remains unfazed amid market instability       Bitcoin OG Arthur Hayes Believes The “Moon Ain’t Far Away” As BTC Bounces Higher …       Bitcoin-Mining in El Salvador: Start-up will Megafarm für eine Milliarde US-Dollar errichten       Bitcoin Wavers Amid Binance and Coinbase Lawsuits, but Cathie Wood Says the Crypto …       Binance.US’ Bitcoin price shows significant divergence       Navigating the Legal Landscape of Cryptocurrency: Challenges and Opportunities       Bitcoin ($BTC) Whales ‘Aggressively’ Accumulating While Smaller Holders Divest of Their Holdings       Washington Isn’t Falling for the Crypto Industry’s Scam       Veteran Trader Tone Vays Says Bitcoin (BTC) Presenting Prime Opportunity for Bulls       Bitcoin Price Prediction as BTC Rallies Up 7% After SEC Fears Wane       ChainGPT Released an AI-powered NFT Generator       VIDEO: Bitcoin mining stocks       Nach Binance-Klage: SEC fürchtet Schwund von Kundenguthaben       $35M crypto theft may have been made by North Korean hackers       SEC Accuses Binance.US, CZ of Billion-Dollar Investor Fund Risk       Coinbase, Binance suits a “big step” in SEC’s crypto crackdown       US tightens crackdown on crypto with lawsuits against Coinbase, Binance       Coinbase chief legal officer expects new crypto laws to come in wake of SEC lawsuits       Mystery Bet Before SEC Crypto Crackdown May Mint Trader Millions       Binance, Coinbase CEOs’ fortunes take hit after SEC crypto lawsuits       SEC’s Coinbase Lawsuit Heralds Deepening US Crypto Crackdown       The SEC, Coinbase, and Binance       What makes a crypto asset a security in the U.S.?       The SEC’s Coinbase lawsuit shows how Biden is cracking down on crypto and big tech …       SEC lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase unify the crypto industry       Exploring the Increasing Interest in Cryptocurrency Mining Alternatives       Binance: The SEC Strikes (Again) (Cryptocurrency:BNB-USD)       BNB Drops to 6-Month Low as ADA, MATIC, SOL Lead Altcoin Tumble       $69.3 Million NFT Artwork Sold       Louis Vuitton Makes a Splash in the NFT World with €39,000 ‘Treasure Trunks’       NFT Lending Is Trending, Raising Concerns of ‘Predatory’ Platform Behavior       Bitcoin, Ether Trade at Premiums on Binance.US as Investors Flee Following SEC Actions       Puma Plots NFT Sneaker Drop With NBA’s LaMelo Ball, Gutter Cat Gang       ‘Stand With Crypto’ NFT Spreads Amid SEC Crackdown       Pudgy Penguins’ Luca Netz: “I Will Be the Face of NFTs”       Pokémon Go: Eines der besten Events seit Monaten startet jetzt       Last-ditch attempt to save housing accord looks set to fail       Digital Currency       Best Crypto to Buy Now June 7       I Filed A Complaint Against Gary Gensler! (Bitcoin Rebounding)       Bitcoin’s Bearish Action, Long-Term Projections Hint at $40k       Bitcoin Sinks As Crypto Companies Grapple With SEC Lawsuits       Bitcoin evangelist Joe Hall tells The Agenda why he thinks BTC will conquer the world       BNB Drops to 6-Month Low as ADA, MATIC, SOL Lead Altcoin Tumble       Bitcoin Price Watch: Daily Technical Analysis for 7 June 2023       Bitcoin Industry Leaders Say SEC Lawsuits Could Harm U.S. Economy       What asset freeze? Binance BTC outflows muted as users shun panic selling       Analyst Warns Bitcoin Flashing Big Red Signal, Forecasts Major BTC Correction       BNB Drops to 6-Month Low as ADA, MATIC, SOL Lead Altcoin Tumble       BNB Drops to 6-Month Low as ADA, MATIC, SOL Lead Altcoin Tumble       Moxian Receives NASDAQ Notification Regarding Minimum Bid Requirements       Binance.US coins trade at premium amid litigation fears, fiat gateway issues       Besuch bei Digitalmesse: Kai Wegner will sich an Erfolg bei Digitalisierung der Verwaltung messen lassen       Argus Labs erhält 10 Mio. $ für P2E World Engine, geleitet von Haun Ventures       Klagen gegen Coinbase und Binance: Die Erdrosselung der Kryptobranche       BNB Drops to 6-Month Low as ADA, MATIC, SOL Lead Altcoin Tumble       10 Best Crypto to Buy Now       US SEC charges cryptocurrency platform Coinbase a day after suing Binance       This Cryptocurrency up 24% in 48 Hours, and There Are Exactly 2 Reasons for It       Atomic Wallet Was Hacked By North Korean Hackers, Drain Millions in Cryptocurrency       Lanistar Set To Challenge Nubank With Latest Cryptocurrency Feature Launched In Brazil       Investment into Heat Culture already has better ROI than cryptocurrency       Cryptocurrency roundup for June 7: CCTV highlights SEC’s legal move against Binance …       Former NFL minority owner jailed after defrauding pro league in $700 cryptocurrency scam       Bitcoin gains against backdrop of weak crypto sentiment (Cryptocurrency:BTC-USD)       A crypto obsession and early Crocs investment lie behind an outsider’s ‘hustle mentality’       Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Defends Company Amid SEC Lawsuit, Contrasts With Binance Case       Nike NFTs are coming to EA Sports games: Nifty Newsletter, May 31–June 6       Puma x LaMelo Ball Launch MB.03 ‘GutterMelo’ NFT Sneakers       Binance.US Nukes Several Trading Pairs Amid SEC Lawsuit: What Crypto Investors Need To Know       Schwache Konjunkturdaten bremsen Europas Börsen aus       One winner in the SEC’s clash with crypto: bitcoin       Jetzt wird es auch für Kryptoplattform Coinbase eng       Robinhood Reviews Crypto Offerings After SEC Crackdown       The Best- and Worst-Case Scenarios for Coinbase       Crypto tug-of-war       Timothy Massad: crypto risk ‘isn’t just about the token’ it’s about the ‘platform you’re trading on’       I wish someone would tell people messing in crypto it’s possible to lose everything, says Jim Cramer       Yellen says more crypto regulation ‘would be appropriate’       

US futures implements a compliance rule regarding crypto activities

US futures implements a compliance rule regarding crypto activities

The National Futures Association (NFA) has announced a new compliance rule for its members that deal with digital asset commodities, in the absence of formal crypto regulations from US government agencies. The NFA, a self-regulatory organization with over 100 members involved in digital assets, aims to impose standards on its members under penalty of fines …

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